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Reach New and Engaged Shoppers.

We know that retail is competitive and reaching new customers can be time consuming and expensive, and we've got a new way for you to get your products in front of them. 

Better That Connect provides organisations (we call them Channel Partners) with the tools to easily run their very own marketplace.

By joining us, you have the opportunity to be listed on multiple Channel Partner marketplaces in our network and reach new and engaged shoppers that are ready to buy. 


More Great Reasons to Join Better That Connect:

Low Risk

A low commission on successful sales only. No lock in contracts.

Seamless and Quick Onboarding

One integration with listings on multiple marketplaces.

Your Own Store

Maintain complete control of your brand representation and list all of your inventory.

Quick Payments

Payments made within 5 Business Days. Other Marketplaces can take up-to 30 Days.

Reach New Shoppers

Access a huge and brand new range of shoppers, and Channel Partners take care of all the marketing.

Real Time Syncing

Our system captures updates and changes in your product data automatically and in real time. 

Multiple Ways To Sell

We provide a unique solution to clear excess stock without fixed price discounting, reduce cart abandonment.

Promotional Offers

Targeted and tailored promotional offers to Channel Partner communities.

Boost Your ESG Credentials

Better That makes a donation to a Good Cause of the shoppers choice on every transaction. You share in the kudos.

You can even join Better That Connect as a Channel Partner!

​Run your very own personalised marketplace and gain a new way to generate revenue from your shopper community.

  • Add value by offering them complementary products and increasing your incremental sales and average order value.

  • A way to trial new categories and products with no investment in technology, inventory, supply chain or marketing.

  • Gain additional valuable shopping insights on your existing shoppers.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you ‘do better’ and join the next big thing in online shopping.​


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