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Turn Your Community
Into Shoppers and Revenue Generators.

Better That Connect is a plug-and-play shopping platform that gives you everything you need to quickly and easily run a socially conscious marketplace for your community.

- Earn revenue on every single sale on your marketplace.

- Pre-populated with hundreds of retailers and millions of products, ready to sell.

- Personalise within a few easy steps; your branding, product categories, retailers and brands you'd like to feature.

- A rewarding shopping experience for your community members.

- Collect first party data and grow your database.

- Boosts your ESG credentials. 

Hassle Free

Ready to trade, plus Better That manages all retailers, technology and operating ongoing.

Growing Product Database

You get access to our entire product database containing hundreds of retailers and millions of products. 

Self Service

Via your own portal, easily personalise your marketplace and access live shopper and transaction data.

Give Back Guarantee

Better That makes a donation to a Good Cause of your shoppers choice on every transaction (out of our pocket, not yours or theirs).

Great Offers

Retailers provide their best pricing and exclusive promotional offers that your community members may not be able to get elsewhere.

Loyalty Benefits

Your shoppers get rewarded every time they shop via the Better That Loyalty Program.

Engaging Shopping Experience

Multiple ways to shop including Buy It Now, Make An Offer and Drop Auctions.

Multi-Retailer Checkout

Your community can shop from multiple retailers in one transaction, without getting marketed by any of them.

First-Class Service

A passionate customer service team dedicated to managing all shopper enquiries.



Come on board as a Channel Partner, and provide some basic business info so we can get you set up. There are no set-up or licensing costs to join!


You curate the retail experience for your marketplace using our standardised marketplace format and template: upload your branding (logos, fonts and colours), and from our huge catalogue, select the product categories, retailers and brands you want on your marketplace.


Your marketplace is made live. Simply add a link to it on your main website so your community can find it easily.


You encourage your community to shop on your marketplace via your own channels such as email marketing, your master website, social media, and any other channels you like. 


Your community members shop on your marketplace. We share shopper and transaction data with you.


Better That makes a donation to your shopper's selected Good Cause on your and their behalf. 


Better That and our retailers take care of fulfilling all orders and customer service.


You earn revenue on every single sale made on your marketplace.

Head to to sample the shopper user experience we provide and browse the entire catalogue of retailers, product categories and products currently available - it's growing everyday!

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